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Internet Marketing Resources

Welcome to my selection of resources for internet marketing. I regularly search the internet for products to solve my own problems, get the occassional email with a good product and as a service to other Internet Marketers especially those starting out I have decided to list any of the resources I think you may be interested in. Most are free but some cost a few dollars. I personally have no problem is paying for a good product but like you I feel very disapppointed when I buy something expensive that is nothing like the hyped up sales letter promised.

Twitter Basics and Twitter Hints

Firstly it is a fact that a lot of you people new to Internet Marketing have little idea of what works and what doesn't and are therefore vulnerable to being ripped off for the want of a better word due to one's inexperience or unfortunately in some cases the product just doesn't work or is misrepresented by the salesletter. Without the benefit of hindsight this can happen to experienced marketers too especially since methods and ideas are changing so rapidly. What's the best defense against this happening to you? Don't keep chasing the latest "you beaut" scheme when you haven't given the last one you tired a fair go. If you do keep chasing the latest and preceived greatest product then you will never stop longer enough to make any real money in this game. Why build up all the momentum to get the plane off the runway and then just turn off the gas? Most people tend to give up when momentum is just about to kick in and earnings go exponential.

Secondly remember also that there are heaps of wonderful products available but finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Why you ask? There are either free or have no affiiliate programs and therefore no body will market them because they don't make any money out of them. How do you find them?  Good question.

Here are some ways of finding these wonderful but free internet marketing products.
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