Every day I receive emails that say buy my product it will make you money online without a mailing list or a way to capture leads.

But let me ask you this question.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to be able to contact those people who have visited your website before, maybe even purchased a product or two from you every time you add something new?

Imagine the increase in traffic you would get with a simple mailout if you had the emails of these people. Now I know that more traffic means more relevance your website has in the eye of the search engines and therefore it can also mean higher ranking for you as well.

Higher ranking especially near the top of the first page for your relevant keywords can bring even more traffic to your website.

So do you just grab these latest fads and if you are lucky you might grab a quick few customers or do you try the old tested method of building a list and relationship with people interested in what you have to say or the product you market?

The team at Super Team Marketing have been writing some excellent articles with their ideas drawing for their experiences online so what we thought we would do is take a selection of these articles and reproduce them here for your benefit.

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